The Polish School in Reykjavik

2018 / 2019


The Polish School in Reykjavik was established in 2008. The school is run by the Association of Friends of the Polish School in Reykjavik, which is a non-profit organisation. It was founded by a group of teachers and parents who wanted to provide access to the native language, history and geography of Poland to Polish children staying in Reykjavik and the surrounding area.

A student of The Polish School in Reykjavik not only has the opportunity to expand on their vocabulary, but also the opportunity to be in a diverse interactive group of Polish peers and highly trained teachers to share their thoughts with. The Association employs teachers with appropriate qualifications needed to teach the subjects.

First language has a huge impact on second or foreign language acquiring, so therefore especially in immigrants’ situation it is of an extreme importance to ensure that it is well developed, so it can have positive effects on other language learning.

Currently, the school has an active enrolment of 361 pupils aged from 5 to 18 years old. For students there are classes in primary school ranging from group for 5 year old children, 0-8 and junior high school class 3.

The curriculum includes:
Primary school
5 year old children – mainly Polish
classes 0-3 – mainly Polish
classes 4-7 – Polish, history, nature
Junior high school
class 3 – Polish, history, geography, civics

Classes are on Saturdays, between (depending on class) 9.30 – 14.30, in a building of Fellaskóli, Norðurfelli 17-19, 111 Reykjavik (in front of the store Mini Market).

Registration for the school is from June to July.

Classes in Polish School are payable monthly. Monthly fees are from 8000 isk to 9000 isk for the first child and 50% off for each additional pupil from the same family.

On the occasion of “Mikołajki” Santa Claus visits the children and gives sweet presents or if necessary birch-rod.

During carnival for primary school, Carnival Ball is organised and for secondary school and junior high school classes – competition of knowledge.

The school also offers:

– Library, to which everyone can subscribe. There are books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, school reading, children’s books, CDs, and many interesting items; catalogue online (
– individual speech therapy classes, corrective and compensatory classes
– school psychologist advice for students and parents.

School gives certificates, which are additional information to the certificate of Icelandic schools. Grades/points of the Polish language are sent two times per year to the Icelandic schools of our students. With the consent of the principals of Icelandic schools those grades/points are placed on the certificate at the end of the year.

Detailed information can be obtained:
Association of Friends of the Polish School in Reykjavik, Polish School in Reykjavik
Þórunnartúni 2, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland (formerly Skúlatún)
Tel: (+354) 822 09 25, 822 24 66;

Kennitala: 520109–2340;
Bank Account No.: 0117–26–023400

In important matters, please contact:
822 09 25 – Justyna Gotthardt – Director of the Polish School
822 24 66 – Marta Wieczorek – Deputy Director of the Polish School
820 40 65 – Aneta Włodarczyk – Manager of Library